Limited Edition Devour Chocolate Swiss Roll

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Limited Edition Chocolate in between moist and fluffy swiss roll!

That's how we would like to describe it. Chocolate oozing out of each twisted roll. With every bite, you get to experience the magical combination of strong cacao flavour as well as soft sponge cake. This is not your typical swiss roll cake. Our layer rolls are made with authentic Indonesian ingredients. Easy to consume any time of the day and it certainly perk you up when you're working from home. It's certainly the best option for family snacking time too.

In collaboration with Benns Ethicoa, we are proud to bring to you the all-new limited edition Premium Chocolate Swiss Roll. This ONE & ONLY combo - Chocolate Swiss Roll is baked with 64% dark chocolate and quality cacao beans by BENNS Panchor series. Its rich, moist, chocolatey flavour is definitely a killer for chocolate lovers!

Enjoy this delicious Ambon Boenda Chocolate Layer Roll for a tea time snack, post-meal or pre-meal. Popular among kids and adults alike, these layer rolls are a must anytime you want to satisfy those hunger pangs and sweet cravings.

You definitely will enjoy it! Especially if you're a die-hard chocolate fan!

Cacao tea

Cacao tea is chocolate tea made from cacao husks and nibs. Cacao husks are the outer shells of the cacao bean and cacao nibs are the inner fruit of a cacao.  Each set of cacao tea comes with 12 sachets. 

If you can imagine enjoying the taste of a good quality piece of dark chocolate and at the same time experience a soothing warm cup of tea; cacao tea is the experience you've been searching for!



600 grams

How long can a cake last

2 weeks (must keep in fridge)

Delivery area 

West Malaysia only. Click here for delivery charges

Local pickup location

1. Ambon Boenda Bakery (Sunway Mas)

2. Ambon Boenda Bakery (Level LG, Gardens Mall)

3. Ambon Boenda Bakery (The Stories, Bukit Tunku)

You can reach us by searching Ambon Boenda Bakery in Google Map or Waze