Founder's Story

Founder's Story

Founded in 2016 in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Ambon Boenda is a Halal Authentic Layers Cake bakery.
Born from a passion for baking, these layers cake is a pure labour of love. Catching even a whiff of the cake's fragrance can make your heart twirl with joy. With a promise to bring a smile to you and your dear ones, Ambon Boenda layers cake are perfect as a gift or just as an afternoon snack! These cakes are a result of authentic recipes from Dutch and Indonesia infused with imported spices and other mouth-watering condiments. Very precisely catered to Malaysian palate with the help of durian, white coffee, etc., these layers cake possess the right texture, flavor as well as tantalising aroma.

It's safe to say, once you take a bite, it's hard to let go!

Linda Lo is the founder of Ambon Boenda Bakery. She enjoyed cooking and baking from a young age. It was love at first sight when she first tasted layers cake. This incident inspired her to expand her love for layers cake. Especially to the people in Malaysia.
Over the years, the layers cake was extremely commercialised due to its growing popularity thanks to the overwhelming tourism. Even for locals, it was becoming hard to get good quality layers cake without added preservatives and authentic recipes.
When Linda graduated, she bought her first oven and found a master baker to teach her everything about baking.

During her time in Malaysia, she discovered that a lot of local ingredients can be used in cakes such as durian, white coffee, and tropical fruits. Also, she discovered in KL that there is no prominent souvenirs or Artisan classic dessert to offer. That's what further motivated her to start the business. She believes that Malaysia, too can have its version of layers cake that fits many different types of occasions from family gatherings to souvenirs and corporate gifting. 

Linda's mother has been very supportive and constantly motivates her to follow her passion. The relationship bonding between the two of them inspired her to brand the layers cake as 'Ambon Boenda. Both words derived from Indonesian language; with the former being an Indonesian street name and the latter means 'mother'. Ambon Boenda Bakery reflects Linda's mother who encouraged her to start her baking business. In the end, the name signifies her mother's love, which is more than appropriate to show Linda's gratitude. 

Dive deep into what is layers cake

Spekkoek (kue lapis in Indonesian) is a type of Indonesian layer cake. It goes way back in time when it first originated during the 19th-century Dutch colonial times in Indonesia. This multi-layered cake is an Indo (Dutch-Indonesian) version of the European multi-layered spit cake. It is famous in Indonesia due to a mix of spices, such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace, and anise.

The layers cake is popular in Indonesia and is served as a holiday treat. It is also given as gifts during many local festivities such as at birthday parties and weddings. Next time you have a wedding to attend in Indonesia, you know what gift to pick!

What goes into making Ambon Boenda's delicious cakes?

While the original layer cakes contain moist layers infused with traditional spices, Ambon Boenda cakes have a lot of options with varied flavours that are Malaysians' favorites. Cakes such as Pandan Layer cake or Durian Layer cake are a huge attraction and quite popular among locals.

With two branches in Kuala Lumpur, the bakeries have in-house baking operations. Each layer is carefully handcrafted with love and flavor. The number of layers for each cake goes up to 18. With no machines or automation, every layer is created manually by professional bakers!

All cakes are handmade with fresh and finest, natural ingredients without any added preservatives, additives, and artificial colouring. Most of the ingredients are sourced internationally from the US, Germany, and Indonesia. Linda wanted to ensure that the authenticity and traditional flavours of Indonesian layer cake are preserved. This is why some of the ingredients are imported from Indonesia. The layers cake is smooth, light, moist, and with the right amount of sweetness! The cakes are available online and through walk-in outlets.

Round up of popular flavours!

Cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, and anise are a few of the core spices used in preparing a layer cake. Along with catering to your taste buds, these cakes have a plethora of health benefits. Some of the best cakes have specially sourced ingredients, such as:

  • Original Layer Cake - Made with Indonesian spices, butter, margarine, and eggs. Cinnamon is known to promote weight loss.
  • Pandan Layer Cake - Using Indonesian Pandan leaf extract for its flavour, smell, and luscious green colour. Pandan leaves flush out toxins and regulates liver functioning.
  • Durian Layer Cake – made with the king of fruits Durian, boasts of a lot of health benefits and a favourite among Malaysians!
  • Mocha Chocolate Layer Cake - Made with German chocolate paste, best cake for coffee and chocolate lovers!
  • Prunes Layer Cake - Filled with loads of dried prunes, imported specially from California.
  • Cranberries Layer Cake - Has a perfect rich fruity taste, also cranberries have a high amount of anti-oxidants – good for preventing urinary tract infection.
  • Honeycomb cake – with a chewy taste, these go well with your afternoon pick-me-up cup of tea!
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