Our Story

Ambon Boenda Artisan Layers Cake

"We believe in tradition, authenticity, healthy, fresh, and continuity of layers cake recipes passed down generations after generations."

A Gift With Heart & Smile

Linda Lo is the founder of Ambon Boenda Bakery. She was born in Medan, Indonesia, and currently resides in Malaysia. Linda loved to cook, bake, and prepare desserts since the time she was young. She was that little 7 years old girl who fell in love with her first bite of layers cake. For a long time, she kept that memory with her and was 'exposed' to a real kitchen when she was studying Hotel Management in Australia. Soon it became a mandatory ritual to buy a layers cake every time she visits her hometown Indonesia.

When Linda graduated, she bought her first oven and found a master baker to teach her everything about baking. With her passion for the craft, she travelled and searched for a master baker who was famous and specialised in baking layers cakes. For the past 16 years, Linda has been lucky enough to learn from 5 experienced bakers who taught her the secrets of baking!

Soon, she found her true calling and with her mother's blessing and encouragement, Linda slowly pursued her passion and started baking when she was back in Medan.

Delighted to announce our cakes are Halal Certified!