Our Story

Ambon Boenda Artisanal Layers Cake

"We believe in tradition, authenticity, healthy, fresh, and continuity of layers cake recipes passed down generations after generations."


A Gift with Heart & Smile

Linda Lo, a native of Sumatera, Indonesia, came to live in Malaysia 16 years ago. And each time she misses her family and home country, she would bake a Kue Lapis to reduce for homesickness. In fact, during her younger days in Indonesia, she has gone to a master baker to improve her skills to a level where she qualified to serve to the world. And with that skill and fiery passion in her, Ambon Boenda was born.


How Did the Name Come About?

Indonesian Layers Cake, popularly known as Kue Lapis at Indonesia is a sweet treat especially for holidays and special occasions. Ambon, was the street in Indonesia which gave birth to many famous Kue Lapis establishments. 

Boenda, the elite name for mother in Indonesian, was chosen in honour of Linda's beloved mother and to be a constant reminder to herself to be a good role model to her children.


Delighted to Announce Our Cakes are Halal Certified!