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The Facts About Authentic Indonesian Layers Cake

A classic lapis legit or layers cake usually consist of 18 thin layers of yummy spongy goodness, baking it is a very labour intensive process requiring much patience. Each layer is a meticulous work of art, handmade and crafted By pouring a small amount of batter from a cup into a baking tin, which is then put into an oven until the layer has turned golden from the heat, the layers cake form into it's own unique stripes and flavours.
Till today Ambon Boenda are still baking using traditional method by using gas in order to keep the tradition, heritage and also maintaining it's authenticity of the recipe made by cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace and anise. Throughout the years, the cake has extended from its original flavours to contemporary flavours, up to date Ambon Boenda have superb 13 varieties and coming.