Layers of Love

What is the secret in the layers?

The craft of 18 layers for the Indonesian Layer Cake is a conscientious work of art. It requires lots of love with meticulous and precise methods.

We carefully select ingredients for our Ambon Boenda indonesian Layer Cake. From premium eggs, high-grade flour, fresh milk to imported butter and cream.

We prefer to keep it authentic with our special concoction of Indonesian spices. And rest assured, there is no added preservatives, flavours or coloring.

When this special Ambon Boenda mix of batter goes into the baking tin and into the oven, we give special attention and adjust accordingly for each layer. That is why it is specially crafted and cannot be mass-produced. It take at least 2 hours for the Indonesian Layer Cake to have its 18 unique stripes and flavours in between. With the combination of our finest ingredients and our love that goes into crafting this cake, the smell of the aromatic will make your heart twirl with joy and every bite, you will be awed by the natural moist and flavours of the cake.

Till today, Ambon Boenda continues to keep the authenticity of the recipe, with its traditional methods to bring you the Layers of Love in Ambon Boenda Indonesian Layer Cake.