Top 5 Occasions to Enjoy Layers Cake

Top 5 Occasions to Enjoy Layers Cake

Sorry to say, but we’re sure you’re going to agree when we say - there is no occasion required to eat cakessssss!

No occasion. Does that make cakes special or not special? Think about it. Something that needs no occasion means it can be eaten at any time of the year. Doesn’t the fact that it can be consumed without the need for an occasion make it just plain regular?

But the truth is, cakes - no matter how many times we devour them, always remains special. Even if you’re not a fan of extravagant cream-filled pastry styled cakes, you’ll still be one of those people who enjoy some form of the cake or the other. Whether that’s an Indonesian layer cake, a swiss roll or a plain banana cake accompanying your evening tea!

However, today’s topic is very specific to layers cakes. Before we dig into 5 unique and important occasions when you can enjoy layers cakes, let’s look into interesting facts about cakes in general and why enjoyment of standard cakes is important.

In its simplest form, the cake is a sweet food made up of flour, sugar, eggs or egg replacements. Ratios of these ingredients may change depending upon the cake being produced. 

As per Wikipedia, “In their oldest forms, cakes were modifications of bread, but cakes now cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple or elaborate, and that share features with other desserts such as pastries, meringues, custards, and pies.”

Cakes are made fluffy due to leavening agents such as baking soda and baking powder. These form a chemical reaction with the eggs and other acidic ingredients to form gas pockets. These gas pockets ultimately give cakes the final texture, moistness and fluffiness that we all enjoy. Additional ingredients and flavourings added in cakes primarily are dried, or fresh fruit, nuts, cocoa, and vanilla flavourings.

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays - there’s no dearth of occasions when cakes don’t play a pivotal role. Once considered to be a labour-intensive procedure, cakes are now slowly becoming simplified. There are countless recipes that even an amateur can bake delicious multi-layered cakes. 

Having said that, not all cakes have become simplified. There are numerous cakes (such as layer cakes) that need a professional’s touch and can be best enjoyed in an authentic bakery. Such as here at Ambon Boenda, we’ve got a variety of authentic Indonesian layer cakes made with imported ingredients and these are all pure labour of love and hard work that’s put into each and every cake! 

Occasions are always special and it becomes more pleasurable when you add a delicious cake in the celebration. A lot of things are such as streamers, balloons, family & friends, or in certain cases - simple incidents would be enough to call for a cake.

Let’s explore the reasons why is cake important irrespective of the occasion:

1. Amplify Happiness

Memorable, joyful and absolutely fabulous. Yours and your people’s experience will increase by multifold if you include cake. Just placing a good looking cake on the centre table is enough to create a centre of attraction. It grabs everybody’s attention and creates a celebratory moment. 

2. Celebration is incomplete without a cake

From the previous point, cakes are a good way to celebrate. It creates an atmosphere where people involuntarily eat, sing and play!

3.Cake For Every Occasion

As mentioned before, we’ll discuss more on 5 top occasions you can enjoy layers cake. Not just an ordinary cake. But for now, it’s safe to conclude that every occasion requires cakes - even if it’s a small piece or a cupcake!

4.Varieities Of Cakes

Typically, cakes come in round-shapes. But today, we see numerous options for cakes - whether it’s the shape, flavour, styles and even custom-made cakes. The best thing for kids parties who can have their cakes embody their favourite superheroes. Or even wedding cakes and other important occasions that mark one’s turning points. There’s no lack of options.

We’re living in a world where you feel bad or had a crazy day, you order a cake. Thanks to home delivery of cakes, that’s become simple as well. Such as Ambon Boenda layer cakes, with a small delivery fee - you can enjoy cakes at the comfort of your home, office or basically anywhere else. Since packaging of such sensitive items is advanced, cakes delivery to any location or any part of the town is not a challenge anymore.

Now let’s finally look into the topic at hand! Top 5 occasions when you can enjoy layers cake. If you read our other blogs, you may get a better idea about the basics of layer cakes. How and where it originated. And why layer cakes are underrated - not many people know this, but Indonesian layer cakes are absolutely a treat for the eyes, nose and of course for the taste

Another important fact that is not very well know is that layer cakes are not very widely found everywhere. Predominantly made in Southeast Asia, these cakes are made with their own recipes. Ambon Boenda Indonesian layer cakes are made with recipes that have been passed on from generations. The history and legacy of the authenticity of these cakes can be tasted in every time you take a bite. 

Top 5 occasions to enjoy layers cake:

1. Family occasion: Family reunions are incomplete without a sweet ending. Especially after an elaborate meal. Whether it’s mooncake festival, Diwali, Christmas or Hari Raya, we all need a dessert to wrap up the meal and complete the family reunion. Also, acting as a gift - layer cakes can be enjoyed for its rich taste and a handy gift for making someone smile!

family enjoying layer cake

2. A gift for others: Birthday cakes! Layer cakes can be a good alternative to traditional cream-filled pastries. Although we all have been enjoying pastries for ages, layer cakes come with their own taste and texture. Whether it’s a kids birthday party or one for elders - layer cakes are a great option to have next time you’re celebrating a party. Perhaps, consider giving it as a gift to that special person on their birthday. This will create such a lasting memory and will remember YOU for giving such a unique gift!

birthday indonesian layer cake

3. Wedding and events catering: The traditional layer cakes which act as a centrepiece is definitely a long-reigning tradition. But have you ever thought of opting for Indonesian layer cakes? Not only are these cakes going to be unique, but they are going to be loved by the elderly (or others) who cannot consume too much sugar. Apart from weddings, events such as corporate, kitty parties, networking events - all these are great occasions to bring out the layer cakes. Order for delivery or a quick pickup, choose something unique and something different for a change!

authentic indonesian layer cakes for events

4. A treat for your expat friends: Thanks to Covid-19, a lot of Malaysians travelling back or expats re-joining their jobs in Malaysia are serving mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine. This is the best time to treat your expat and local friends to some layers cake and possibly uplift their mood. Especially being in the hotel alone for a long time without much to do - is a very challenging period for them. So, layers cake can be a good way to make them feel better and bring a smile! Expats who are leaving Malaysians can also enjoy these layer cakes because they are easy to check-in luggage without any damage. So, it can also serve as a good farewell gift for your best friend!

Indonesian layer cake

5. When you're craving for cakes and coffee!: Simple and quick snacks for that low-energy lull period after a heavy lunch. Especially, if you’re in the office and have a lot of pending tasks to finish. You need a pick-me-up. That’s when we recommend a cup of coffee with our Mocha flavoured layers cake. Just one piece will do to take you on a virtual tour of adrenaline rush and caffeine hit! Made with natural and high-quality ingredients plus less sugar, best for those weight-watchers! 

Indonesian layer cake with coffee

If for some reason, you don’t like mocha - go for pandan or durian layers cake. Pandan has a lot of health benefits and if you want to balance your naughty lunch, then go for the pandan cake. If you’re looking for fruity flavours, we’ve got cranberries, banana, prunes layer cake. Good for the tummy as well as filled with anti-oxidants. Check out some of our recently baked cakes which has it's own flavour and texture.

That’s all the top occasions you can enjoy layers cake. If these unique cakes intimidate you, then we recommend starting out simple. Perhaps, the original layer cake? With a depth of flavours, intense aroma and absolutely soft tender moist texture - you cannot let go of the cake after taking your first bite. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself today

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