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Ambon Boenda

All-Time-Favourite Assortment Box

All-Time-Favourite Assortment Box

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Been craving for a little bit of this and that? We heard you! This assortment combo comes with curated flavours that are specially created to satisfy your family's cravings. Now you can enjoy all-time-favourite 3 combo flavours in one box! 

Whether we start our day with a slice of layer cakeeat it together with a cup of coffee or serve it to welcome guests into our homes, enjoying different assortment flavours is a blessing that brings happiness to all Malaysians. This beautifully presented assortment box will make a perfect gift for friends, family and someone special to you. 

Our layer cakes are baked layer by layer with warm flavours of mixed spice and vanilla. We bake them fresh daily to achieve the perfect texture, moist, soft, and fluffy.  We use only high quality imported ingredients. Halal certified, no preservatives, artificial coloring and MSG. 

The sweet aroma smell and taste rich in butter will make you wanting for more. Don't say we never warn you!

What's in the box:

Ambon Boenda Assortment Combo All-Time-Favourite

  • Original flavour layers cake (500gram)
  • Pandan flavour layers cake (250gram)
  • Cranberries flavour layers cake (250gram) 


How long can a cake last

2 weeks (must keep in fridge)


Delivery area 

Currently we only accept order within Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor) during Raya season due to logistic manpower issue. Click here for delivery charges

Local pickup location

1. Ambon Boenda Bakery (Sunway Mas)

2. Ambon Boenda Bakery (Level LG, Gardens Mall)

3. Ambon Boenda Kiosk (BSC Fine Food Exit at Ground Floor)

You can reach us by searching Ambon Boenda Bakery in Google Map or Waze


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