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Ambon Boenda

Grilled Banana Layer Cake

Grilled Banana Layer Cake

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Banana cake with a twist! 

If you're like most people, you may usually find yourself enjoying bananas on its own. They are one of the cost-effective ways of filling your stomach and it's said to be good for the tummy. But all that aside, across the world, bananas are famously used in cakes. You maybe familiar with the classic banana bread. Not to forget, other ways people love including bananas in their meals are through banana smoothies, muffins as well as banana split ice-cream.

Now for the first time, we are introducing something that will blow your mind -- Grilled Banana Layer cakes! Made with fresh bananas and grilled to sheer perfection, this cake is perfectly suited for a hearty indulgence.  

Salivating, perfectly sweet, built layer by layer and oh-so-super moist. Get your grilled banana layer cake today!


1kg: 19cm x 19cm

How long can a cake last

2 weeks (must keep in fridge)

Delivery area 

West Malaysia only. Click here for delivery charges

Local pickup location

1. Ambon Boenda Bakery (Sunway Mas)

2. Ambon Boenda Bakery (Level LG, Gardens Mall)

You can reach us by searching Ambon Boenda Bakery in Google Map or Waze

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