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Ambon Boenda

Layer Cake – Pandan

Layer Cake – Pandan

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Attention Malaysians! Pandan in layers cake...this one is a winner?

Pandan leaves are Malaysian favourite natural flavouring as well as colouring; it imparts fragrance into dessert, rice, and other dishes. In the past, it was known to have been added to water for mothers' bath after childbirth. Add pandan leaves to your diet to help your liver with its detoxifying functionality. It helps discharge toxins and unhealthy substances from your body. 

With so many health benefits attached to pandan leaves, we cannot exclude it from our layers cake. Thanks to its rich flavour and scent, it's too good not to be added.

The gentle aroma from Pandan leaves juice blend in this soft, light, and moist layered cake, remind us of our childhood golden times.


1kg: 19cm x 19cm
500gm: 9.5cm x 19cm
250gm: 9.5cm x 9.5cm

How long can a cake last

2 weeks (must keep in fridge)

Delivery area 

Currently we only accept order within Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor) during Raya season due to logistic manpower issue. Click here for delivery charges

Local pickup location

1. Ambon Boenda Bakery (Sunway Mas)

2. Ambon Boenda Bakery (Level LG, Gardens Mall)

3. Ambon Boenda Kiosk (BSC Fine Food Exit at Ground Floor)

You can reach us by searching Ambon Boenda Bakery in Google Map or Waze


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